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Available for virtual and in-person tutoring sessions. 

Topics Covered

  • English

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Literature

  • SAT/ACT English Prep

  • College Essays

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

Please inquire regarding pricing.


"Best professor I've had."

- Clemson University Student


"Bree is an amazing professor. I never thought I would enjoy a literature class, but he made [it] really enjoyable."

- Clemson University Student


"[Bree] gave me some of the best feedback on my work that I have gotten from any English teacher, or pretty much any teacher at all."

- Clemson University Student


“Bree is a great teacher and he makes every topic interesting, which is crazy because world lit isn’t normally interesting.”

- Clemson University Student


"Bree was not only a great teacher but was also a great listener. He taught the material well and gave good feedback on assignments."

- Clemson University Student


“Dr. Beal is phenomenal. I am an engineering student taking a Russian Literature/ Morality English course and I enjoyed every minute of it. He is exciting in class, creates a great relationship with the students, and creates engaging lectures. Best english professor I have ever had, and definitely the best at Clemson.”

- Clemson University Student

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